Window Cleaning Kilkenny

Professional window cleaning services in Kilkenny for commercial property, construction site and domestic sector. We know the appearance of your property or building create an essential first impression. Our technician well trained and able to handle various types of of windows regardless of heights or hard to reach area. 

Window cleaning service prices depending on :

  • Heights / hard to reach window.
  • Skylights / roof glass panel.
  • Types and design of window.
  • Window frames / tracking lines.
  • Construction / new build window cleaning.
  • Removal of stickers or tape from new window.
  • Removal of silicon, hard glue or mortar splashes.

Window Cleaning in Kilkenny

Cleanmax use the latest equipment and technology for commercial or building cleaning for optimum results. Using state of the art reach and wash watered pole system for high windows to avoid any unnecessary high work risks. Pure water technology for window cleaning is the best option for streak free windows. 

However for for high windows goes beyond our reach Cleanmax have specialist certified team. They will use mobile elevated platform lift or scaffolds up to 50feet high. Our in house health and safety officer will visit the site to carry out risk assessment at designated area. Safety statement will be prepared according to Health and Safety regulations Ireland.

Cleanmax window cleaner in Kilkenny experienced in pharmaceutical / hospital building, construction site, office and school building, retail units and new built homes or commercial building.

Benefits of window cleaning in Kilkenny

Benefits of having a professional window cleaner not only for sparkle windows but using the right chemicals and correct water pressure plays the part. Unlike other local company using pressure washing for window will damage the rubber between the frame and window. This will create condensation due to seal between the panes is broken. 

Hire a professional window cleaner for:

  • High tech and industrial equipments.
  • Efficient and effective.
  • Safe and correct methods used.
  • Fully insured.
  • Health and safety best practice.
  • Solar panel cleaning with discounted rates.

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