Small takeaway paper bag – 250 Per Pack. High quality white paper carrier bags with strong integrated handles are ideal for a multitude of uses in shops, cafes, for takeaways or off license’s. Rectangular base allows bags to stand upright for easy loading and transportation. Dimensions – 7″ Width x 3.5″ Base x 8.5″ Height. 250 Per Pack.

Made with internal tape handles for extra strength, these bags have a minimal risk of ripping – even when carrying heavy loads of groceries. Capacity also gives your customers plenty of room to carry food-to-go, shopping or gifts, too.

And as they’re made entirely from recycled kraft paper, the bags can be commercially composted within 12 weeks after use. Composting these bags will help you and your customers to divert waste away from landfill, instead returning your used packaging safely back into the earth.

Plus, the recycled paper material means these bags are also far kinder to the planet’s natural resources than traditional plastic carrier bags. So even if you can’t send them to industrial composting facilities, these bags will still help to reduce your impact on the planet.

Yes, these bags can also be recycled after use. To be accepted for recycling, you must make sure they’re free from grease, oil or food waste as this soiling will contaminate the process. The bags are perfectly safe to be heat sealed. This will help you to preserve the freshness of your food for even longer.

But that’s not all! These Small Takeaway Paper Bag they’re made from thick paper and feature handles attached with a super-strong adhesive, these carrier bags have more than enough strength to carry heavy loads without ripping and damaging contents. A rectangular base allows the bags to stand upright too – making transporting food or packing groceries as easy as can be.

So switching to them is a great way for you to make small, sustainable changes to your services!