case of 500pc of 24oz Compostable Soup Container and lids are made from sustainably sourced board with a plant-based PLA lining. Versatile 24oz compostable containers, ideal for hot or cold treats such as ice cream, frozen yoghurt, saucy pasta or hot porridge to go. This size has its own matching domed or flat lids, also compostable. Lids available separately code PD015.

eco touch to your food to-go service with these Vegware compostable hot food pots. As they’re made from paperboard and feature a plant-based PLA lining, these 24oz compostable soup container hot food pots can be commercially composted along with food waste after use. This will help you and your customers to divert waste away from landfill, instead turning the pots into nutrient-rich compost that’s used to grow plants.

These renewable materials have a minimal impact on the planet’s finite resources too. So even if you can’t send them to composting centres, switching to these pots will still help you to do that little bit more for the environment!

Not just eco-friendly, the paper and PLA materials also mean these containers are safe for serving food up to 85°C. So whether you want to package ice cream or soups, these pots will be able to handle the job. The PLA lining even makes these food pots leak-proof – so there’s no risk of any spills when serving stews, sauces or sides.

Key Features:

Product features

  • Material PLA & Paper
  • Paperboard base and plant-based PLA lining are kinder to Earth’s natural resources
  • The pots can be commercially composted for more sustainable waste disposal
  • These pots emit less carbon during production than traditional plastic alternatives
  • Clear messaging reminds customers to dispose into composting streams
  • Leak-proof PLA lining enables the pots to serve ice cream, sauces and dips
  • Heat-resistant materials allow the pots to serve food at temperatures up to 85°C
  • Can also be used with cold food for added flexibility when serving
  • Stackable for space-saving storage
  • The pots are not microwave safe
  • These containers are not widely accepted for recycling
  • Sold in case of 500pc