Commercial & Residential Window Cleaning Dublin, Kilkenny & Waterford

We are one of the leading professional commercial window cleaning provider in Dublin, Kilkenny, Waterford and in South East. We just love pure water technology because it gives optimum results without compromising the quality. No chemical and environmentally safe.

Our commercial window cleaning clients in Dublin varies from office building, hotels, restaurants, sport facilities, local clubs, schools, medical facilities and industrial cleaning for construction site.

For residential window cleaning we are offering standard window cleaning and industrial window cleaning service. Standard house window cleaning service would cost from low as €30.00 for external window cleaning.

Our technician also trained to clean solar panel with soft brushes and PVC roof cleaning using the same purified water technology. All these services are environmentally safe and no cleaning chemical needed. Therefore book multiple cleaning services with Cleanmax and enjoy discounted rates.

Solar panel cleaning cost starting from €30.00 per solar panel and PVC roof cleaning cost from €5.00 per meter only.

We are able to reach up to 80 feet high for commercial window cleaning in Dublin areas. Our high tech telescopic pole fitted with scrapping equipment to remove any bird drops and grime on windows. Furthermore it can be used for interior window cleaning by reducing the water pressure with microfibre cleaning pad.

We are equipped with the latest technology of van fitted purified water tank system with two man operator. Therefore two professional window cleaner able to clean large commercial windows simultaneously. Thats why we guaranteed our window cleaning quote are unbeatable and affordable for an organisation.

Behind the scene our window cleaning technician works hard to clean and test the purified water. It is very important to maintain the purity of the water on weekly basis. Water purification process is to remove sediment, carbon and calcium. Purified water will not leave any streak or spots on window. We believe this is the best solution to offer competitive quote for you.

Our aim is to help businesses to reduce their cleaning cost without compromising the quality. We are operating in Dublin, Meath, Laoise, Kildare, Wicklow, Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Kildare and Carlow.

Working towards cleaner and healthier nation.

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