Colour Coded Trigger Spray

  • Commercial and domestic trigger sprays

  • Available in four colours for colour coding ( blue, red, green & yellow )

  • Suitable for spraying & surface disinfection

  • Manufactured from heavy duty components

  • long lasting, very well priced, very tough

  • The nozzle has a number of settings for flow

  • Compatible with 500 ml and 750 ml bottles

Where to use

Universal trigger spray heads suitable for commercial, industrial and domestic use. Manufactured from heat resistant plastic, the heads will last for very long periods of time even when used daily. Can be used for spraying all types of hard surfaces, glass, floors, showers, bathroom walls, etc. Outstanding quality and premium durability.

Colour coded

To avoid cross contamination, our trigger spray bottles are sold in 5 different colours. You can use one colour for bathrooms, another colour for food preparation areas, another colour for the canteen and so on. The trigger spray are compatible with most standard plastic spray bottles. Safe to use with cold and hot water. Safe to use with acidic and non acidic products. Compatible with some gels as well.

Regulated flow

The trigger spray head is sold with a special flow regulator. You can select the flow needed by twisting the nozzle. You can start from pointy spray to fine mist. It will create greater pressure and it will cover a large surface area.