-Pelican pump suitable for chemical dosage

-suitable for heavy duty use & building site usage

-it will fit most 5L (1 gallon) chemical containers

-it will dispense 30 ml of cleaning product per press

-this product will save you money in the long run

-highly recommended for the office cleaning business

  1. Easy to use

The 5L Pelican Pump is designed to make the dispensing process a breeze. It works with different products, from detergents, hand soaps and cooking oils and food relishes, all through to waxes and cleaning products. Specifically intended for 5L bottles, its extension tube reaches down to the base of the bottle.


  1. Controls dosage

With the 5L Pelican Pump, the person accessing the liquid gets to control the amount of product used. You only obtain as much as you need, preventing spillages and excess liquid production. This is useful in both high and low traffic areas. Full usage of 5L Pelican Pump dispenses 30ml of product. The output depends on the height of the head when pushed down, plus the length of the stroke of the piston. Typical dosage ranges between 10ml – 30ml. The lock-down pump head ensures that the product does not leak during its shipment with its pump in-situ. 


  1. Time convenience

You get to save on time with the Pelican Pump, since you won’t need to measure out specific amounts of chemicals. The 30ml dosage capacity of the pump means you’ll know the exact amount of liquid that you’ll be using. This has made it a popular option for residential and commercial establishments, from kitchens all the way to washrooms.


  1. Durable

The polypropylene structure of the 5L Dosage Pump enables it to withstand the rigors of daily use. You won’t have to worry about it buckling under the repeated handling by the people in your establishment. The stainless steel spring and valve are also up to the task, ensuring that the 5L Pelican Pump continues to perform optimally.


  1. Cost effective

This Pump brings you savings in a number of ways. Its affordability means that you begin to cut costs right from the onset. Secondly, since the users are able to control the amount of product they use, it prevents wastage, ensuring that you obtain maximum usage of the liquid. Thus the 5L Pelican Pump gives you a higher return in value for your investment.