Evans Toilet Cleaner & Descaler

-acidic formulation for quick removal of limescale and body fats

-removes most types of toilet build ups in minutes

-long lasting perfume & regular use will prevent limescale build up

-one of the most affordable acidic toilet cleaners & descalers

-thick composition for easy attachment to vertical surfaces

-it can be used as a bathroom cleaner & descaler also

Evans Toilet Cleaner & Descaler is very easy to apply inside the toilet due to its special duck neck bottle. Always flush the toilet before applying the cleaner. This is a fast acting cleaning product but heavy duty limescale build ups will require a bit of time to break down so please allow a few minutes to work before scrubbing the toilet with a toilet brush. By using Toilet Cleaner & Descaler on a regular basis to clean your toilet you will prevent limescale build ups. When cleaning outside the toilet or other porcelain bathroom fittings or floors you can use it in conjunction with a spray and wipe system or mopping system.

For heavy duty toilet cleaning jobs do not dilute at all. For spray and wipe use a dilution of 1 to 5. For floor mopping use a dilution of 1 to 50. This dilution ratio is only informative, the correct dilution ratio needs to be decided on the spot and it will depend on the type of cleaning you plan to undertake and the type of dirt you plan to remove. For daily maintenance jobs you do not need to use a very concentrated cleaning product.

Many people do not know how to get rid of limescale build ups from the toilet. By using strong tools to break it or wire brushes you can easily damage your toilet. Toilet Cleaner & Descaler is a very easy to use product that requires no hard work or special tools. Its acidic composition will dissolve limescale and it will transform it into a soft gel. All you have to do is just flush the toilet. Evans Toilet Cleaner & Descaler is a professional cleaning product that can be used in domestic & commercial toilets. Highly recommended for cleaning pubs, restaurants, public toilets. It will clean and kill bad toilet odours.