Acidic toilet washroom cleaner


Acidic toilet & washroom cleaner descaler

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Acidic toilet washroom cleaner

  • Powerful cleaner for toilets and drains
  • Acidic formulation for quick & efficient cleaning action
  • Regular use helps prevent build up of scale & keeps drains & outlets free of odour
  • Long lasting deodorising perfume, for a clean fresh fragrance
  • Do not use on vitreous enamel
  • This product is designed to be used on a regular basis to keep washrooms and toilets clean and to prohibit and reduce the formation of limescale.
  • The long lasting deodorising perfume keeps drains and outlets free of odour and leaves a clean long lasting fresh fragrance, your customer will know instantly the cleaning has been professionally done. This 1 litre bottle includes an angled nozzle for easier application
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