Hard floor cleaning & polishing

Our Hard floor cleaning and polishing professional team knows your business reputation is our top priority. According to our survey, clean and glossy floor gives positive first impression for a client walk in to your property. Furthermore hard floor cleaning, buffing, polishing, waxing, stripping and sealing service will extend the life of your floors.

We only use high quality commercial cleaning equipment and chemicals to ensure all our cleaning job meet or exceeds our client needs. We also provide weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly cleaning plan for commercial property and businesses. We practice safety method procedure to ensure your employees and member of public are in safe hand.

Hard floor cleaning and polishing specialist will inspect and advice you the restoration process. Choosing the right chemical and polishing equipment are essential to enhance the look and finish.Quotation may vary depending on the condition of the floor and required outcome. Floor shine varies to matte look, wet look and glossy.

First we will clean the hard floor with commercial floor cleaner with low speed floor scrubbing machine. Once the floor completely dried, then refinish the floor with wax, polymer or sealer depending on floor type. Our range of hard floor cleaning and polishing are marble, terrazzo, laminate, engineer build, linoleum, stone, tiles, mosaic, VCT, thermoplastic, and hard wood.

We recommend commercial property to deep clean and use appropriate sealer or coating to protect the floor from wear and tear at least once a year. For marble floor we advise grinding and polishing every five years to reveal the shine and smooth surface to eliminate scratches from messy wax or floor sealer.

Our clientele are private property, businesses, hotel, sport facilities, schools and local clubs. We are experienced in post renovation, builder clean and construction repair. Bring back the pristine look and shine.

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