Construction Cleaning

Construction Cleaning or builders cleaning services for contractors, developers and business owners. We have the resources and services you need to finish your project. Our priority are creating safe work environment for everyone involve on site.

Weather you need a rough clean, final clean or touch up cleaning. Our construction or builders cleaning team will take care of it all. We facilitate variety of construction cleaning project site including new construction site, commercial, residential, renovation, remedial works and new homes.

Construction Cleaning or Builders Cleaning stages

Rough cleaning design for initial clean to make sure the site is ready for next stage of work. At these stage of cleaning would be removing excessive paint, grease, cement and mortar. Working with the project manager or site supervisor, we tailor each cleaning for efficient work flow at construction site.

Final cleaning offer customised cleanup options to fit related project. At this stage cleaning team assigned to polish and shine designated area to immaculate condition.

Touch up cleaning would be last resort in case of mess left behind by electrician or plumber to complete their work. Our team will take care of it before you hand over the property to your client.

We design our services to each and every client specific needs to suit financially and leads to successful organisation. Our range of cleaning services are interior and exterior window cleaning reaching up to 80 feet high, house cleaning, pressure washing, hard floor cleaning and polishing, solar panel cleaning, construction and builders cleaning and PVC roof cleaning.

Cleanmax cleaning service leading this industry because we invest on our people. Practising safety method procedure and achieving the impossible. Fully insured means gives our clientele peace of mind. Wide range of service offering competitive rates with professional equipment and chemical.

Construction cleaning
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